Lambdacode Dot Com

Mission Statement

Making available to technology end-users a cost-effective and reliable option for assembling and deploying Internet-based transaction processing systems.

The objective is to assemble Internet-based transaction processing systems in a manner which is cost-effective and reliable for the technology end user.

The Lambdacode definitions of Cost Effectiveness and Reliabity are

Cost Effective

    • cheap to aquire
    • cheap to license
    • cheap to maintain
    • cheap to customise
    • cheap to upgrade


    • application performance should not degrade abnormally under increased load
    • application response times should remain acceptable
      • over slower internet links
      • during periods of increased load
      • during periods of increased concurrency
    • application enhancements need to occur in predetermined steps
    • application enhancements need to occur within a pre-defined time interval
    • application enhancements should not introduce new bugs

A combination of applications, tools and software creation and management techniques are used in concert to achieve the defined criteria.

With the software and techniques available on this site, it will be possible to create internet-based transaction systems using Java or PHP, that operates on information stored in a relational database system, of type Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, mySQL, or postgreSQL. The resulting systems will be cost effective to build and maintain and execute reliably and predictably.

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